M Sanath Swaroop

Blockchain Develper with real-world product Experience. Worked on several Blockchain and Full Stack Projects.

Also experienced with server management on centOS platform.

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Technical Skills

Hyperledger Fabric










Blockchain, Full Stack, Server Management and Content Writing


Nov'20 - Apr'22

Blockchain Associate

Blockchain Developer, working on the Vajra Platform

  • Worked on Hyperledger Fabric and wrote Chaincode, SDK Code and more Business Logic validations
  • Contributed to the development of Vajra IMPS and worked hands-on at each step
  • Orchestrated the deployment of our products on a multi-node setup through Kubernetes


April’22– Present

Backend Developer

Blockchain Developer, worked on the middleware of the Products including Vaccine Ledger.

  • Developed several REST API's for the middleware
  • Worked with the Core team to develop a flow and then implement any given functionality
  • Worked with Ethereum Blockchain & Multi Chain

J & J DeChane

2016 - Present

Server Manager

Managed Servers and Developed an e-Commerce website

  • Developed a Full Fledged website with e-Commerce functionality
  • Secured the server against on-going attacks.
  • Optimized the Backend and server for faster load speeds
  • Rendered On-page and Off-page SEO Services


2016 - 2020

Content Writer

Lead content writer at GizmoTimes

  • Covered several Tech Events including MWC, CES and others.
  • Drafted over 400,000 Words including Reviews, Guides, News and other Genres.


Projects & Acheivements


  • Digital Document Verification using Fingerprinting
  • Plans to implement Blockchain to ensure Integrity Verification of the document


  • Built an AR/VR Application that allows remote viewing of Real Estate
  • One of the Founding members of the StartUp that arose from the initial idea

Automated Parking Allowance System

  • Used OpenCV to Capture the number plate and perform OCR to convert it to text
  • Perform DB Check to find if the vehicle belongs to owner or visitor
  • Provider multiple interfaces for Owners, Admin, and Security for different tasks

DeChane Website

  • Enhanced the Security of their Existing website and prevented Security Breaches
  • and on-going attacks Optimized Website Load times by improving the code and using the best practices
  • Performed SEO on the website to boost Traffic and Sales by as much as 300% in an Year's time

Smart India Hackathon

  • Winners - 2019 Software Edition
  • Finalists - 2018 Hardware Edition

ISB - Hyderabad

  • Invited to ISB for providing Technical Validation and Mentorship
  • Offered Technical Assistance to TEP Participants

Bosch Hackathon - 2016

  • Selected as one of the Top 5 among 3600+ Participants
  • Developed on a Smart AC Prototype
  • Invited to an exclusive WIN Event by Bosch in Mumbai

Firefox IoT Hackathon

  • Won the 24-Hour Hackathon
  • Developed an Intelligent Automated AC Prototype
  • Mentored by Firefox IoT Division for 6 Months

MediaTek IoT Challenge

  • Selected as 1 of 148 Teams from Across the world
  • Mentored by MediaTek IoT Division for 6 Months


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